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Personal Finance and Family Wealth Management

Many people have an income but continue to face enormous financial challenges despite their efforts in employment, business or in their area of engagement. Adequate peace of mind is essential for an individual to be productive.
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Entrepreneurship Capacity Development

Our Personal Life and Business Skills Programme aims to provide practical advice about personal skills which can enhance mental and physical health and wellbeing; build better and longer-lasting relationships both at home and at work.
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Consultancy and Business Development Solutions

As a consortium of professional consultants, CGC undertakes various consultancy assignments in both the public and private sectors. We develop terms of reference, develop proposals and execute various consultancy assignments.
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Personal Development

Working with a firm of Certified Public Accountants, we provide credible business advice and help the business owner (s) to make the right decisions for the business.
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Who We Are

Comely Global Consulting (CGC) envisions a world where people are successful in their personal finances and lives. We provide coaching for personal financial planning, personal life and business skills, business financial services and IT systems, as well as consultancy and advisory services. Employees, retirees, and business owners are among our clients. CGC is powered by a specialized team of experts and associates who have joined the firm to provide the desired services for long- term excellent customer experiences. We listen to our clients in order to understand their past, present, and future, and to develop innovative solutions that bring new perspectives to their growth and pursuit of excellence.
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Our Vision

A world of people who have achieved financial and personal success.


Our Mission

Enabling people to achieve financial, business, and life success.


Our Qualities

Quality | Integrity | Professionalism | Teamwork

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Highly Qualified Team


CPA Simon Muchiri

CPA Simon Muchiri is the CEO and in charge of Personal Financial Planning and Personal Life and Business skills. He has a Master of Business Administration (Finance) Degree from the University of Nairobi, Certified Public Accountant of Kenya and member of the Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Kenya (ICPAK). He has over 20 years’ experience in accounting and finance, tax, audit, human resource, business development and processes improvement locally and abroad. He held various positions including member of Ministerial Audit Committee; Internal Audit Consultant; Chief Finance Officer; RegionalFinance Controller; and Internal Auditor. Simon was also the Lead Consultant for the World Bank Talent Management Program (TMP) and recruited 17 directors and 39 deputy directors for 19 MDAs for the Government of Somaliland among other short term consultancy services that he has undertaken.

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