Solar Panel Maintenance & After Sales Services

At Megatricity, we firmly believe that our commitments to our customers do not end once a solar panel installation has been successfully completed. Therefore, we have a dedicated team of technical staff on hand to ensure that our completed solar system projects are working at their optimum at all times by regularly monitoring power generation through online portals. If any reduction in solar power generation is detected, the team will inform the customer and take necessary steps to rectify any issues with the least possible downtime. We utilise only specialised solar panel cleaning equipment to wash and clean solar panels safely and effectively, in order to lengthen their lifespan and energy efficiency. We also undertake panel washing and maintenance services for solar panels installations not carried out by us.

Frequently Ask Questions

Do solar panels need maintenance?

Typically, solar panels will work for many years and don’t normally require much maintenance. However, undertaking regular maintenance will ensure your solar panel system is operating at its best efficiency.

Over time, dust and debris are likely to build up on your solar panels, which will compromise the performance of your solar panel system.

Reach the Metrocity maintenance team and get your solar efficiency re-fulfilled. We provide complete maintenance services irrespective of whether we installed the panel or not.

How often should solar panael be serviced?

In general, solar panels are recommended a maintenance every two to four times a year (suggested every 6 months a year).

What are the maintenance costs for solar panels?

The cost of maintenance for a solar PV system can vary from site to site. For more details, send an inquiry to Metrocity.