Many people have an income but continue to face enormous financial challenges despite their efforts in employment, business or in their area of engagement. Adequate peace of mind is essential for an individual to be productive at work or business etc. This is usually not the case when individuals are stressed due to lack of money, enough to meet their needs and it gets more complicated with incidence of recurring debts. Our Personal Financial Planning and Coaching programme aims to broadly create awareness for individuals on the need for preparation, implementation and review of their personal financial plans. The programme provides individuals with:

  • Training on personal financial planning and management;
  • Coaching them to prepare personal financial plans and
  • Reviewing implementation of their personal financial plans.


To the individuals

  • Clarity of financial status and the knowledge about relevant financial goals for financial success.
  • Tactics for managing income, debts, taxes etc.
  • Saving and investments options relevant an individual.
  • Measures to protect family against risks and good estate planning.
  • Free information and linkage with approved financial sector institutions for effective implementation of your personal financial plan.
  • Individual goals aligned with those of employers/work and business ventures; increased motivation, improved work productivity and ultimate financial success.

To the employers

  • Improved productivity by self-motivated employees as they can now relate their financial goals with their performance.
  • Changed employee behaviours that could negatively affect job performance and the corporate results e.g. absenteeism from work, staff turnover, employer resources etc.
  • Increased employee presentism at work by physically being present and fully engaged.
  • Improved employer cash flow from reduced or lack of pressure for salary increments and advances.
  • Enhanced reputation of employer for corporate social responsibility.